Measures for the Administration of the Standards Drafting Organizations of TC260


Article 1 These Measures are set up in accordance with the Articles of TC 260 and Measures for the Administration of National Standards Projects of Information Security, and are designed to promote national standards development in cybersecurity by encouraging organizations to participate more while also enhancing impartiality and transparency in the process to make standards more practical and of higher quality.

Article 2 These Measures are guidelines that are applicable to all participants of standards development and revision, including leading organizations. Leading organizations are those responsible for drafting and revising cybersecurity national standards.


Article 3 Standards drafting participants shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Participants shall be members of the working groups under TC 260.
  2. Participants shall comply with these measures.
  3. Participants shall be able to complete the standards development assignments given by the leading organization.
  4. Participants shall be able to attend standard drafting meetings, make technical contributions and give advice.
  5. Participants shall send technical personnel who are able to participate in the whole standards drafting process.

Article 4 The leading organization should call for participants through notices posted in the website of TC260 and other methods within 30 days since after taking the responsibility of developing standards. The participants list and assignment allocation should be reported to the Secretariat of TC260, and a carbon copy should be sent to the working group. Scientific institutions, manufacturers, and organizations who use the standards, as well as assessment bodies, can participate in standards development. The leading organization should hold a kick-off meeting to determine the working plan and assignment allocation. All the participants, experts, delegates of the working group and representative of the Secretariat should attend the meeting.

Article 5 The leading organizations should hold at least one standards development meeting every two months to discuss the standard. Participants should join in the plenary session of the working group to ensure that the standard development goes in accordance with the plan. The leading organizations are also encouraged to hold technical seminars of standards on their own.

Article 6 The leading organizations should send the standard and comments on it to all the participants at least seven days before the standard development meeting; participants need to give advice at least three days before the meeting. The comments should be discussed at the meeting and the leading organization should hand the minutes of the meeting to the working group. The leading groups need to record and deal with the comments they receive while communicating with those who put forward their ideas.

Article 7 The leading organizations should organize participants to test and evaluate the standard’s operability after calling for comments. In addition, a report should be completed after the verification and be sent to the Secretariat of TC260 when the standard is submitted to the director.

Article 8 The leading organizations should not publicly give comments that conflict with the technical contents of the standard. In addition, participants should not change their delegates frequently and a written explanation should be submitted to the leading organization if the change is necessary. A participant will be regarded as retreating from the standard development if it changes its delegates more than three times or its delegates are absent two times successively. If the above conditions emerge, leading organizations need to report it to the working group on time.

Article 9 These Measures shall be interpreted by the Secretariat of TC260.