On August 28 to 29, 2019, the China Cryptography Standardization Technical Committee held a meeting in Beijing to review 31 industry standard development projects, which were all passed by voting. Mr. XU Hanliang, chairman of the Cryptography Standardization Technical Committee, presided over the meeting. Participants included cryptography experts and the leaders of various cryptography standard projects.


Out of the 31 industry standard projects, 15 are under development and 16 still require more research to reach the development stage. The standards are related to emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, electronic bidding, intelligent transportation, smart lock, and video surveillance.


On October 2011, the Standardization Administration of China and the State Cryptography Administration approved the establishment of the “China Cryptography Industry Standardization Technical Committee”, which is under the leadership and management of the State Cryptography Administration. This TC in charge of drafting industry standards of cryptography, it has a secretariat and four working groups: General WG, Basic WG, Application WG and evaluation WG, which are composed of experts from the government, enterprises, research institutes, universities, testing institutions and trade associations and mainly deals with technology, products, systems and management of cryptography standardization.


SESEC’s Analysis on the WG-level and TC-level analysis of the Cryptography TC:

There are two membership levels in the Cryptography TC, one is the TC level membership and another one is the WG level membership.

The TC level members are called committee members; only experts who meet the following requirements are able to join. The WG level is composed of member organizations and observer organizations, not individual experts. The organizations who apply to join a WG of the Cryptography TC should be independent legal entities registered within China, with business related to cryptography products, services, research and development.


Industry standards and national standards published by the Cryptography TC:

The Cryptography TC has already published 80 industry standards, from which 11 became national standards. The development of these 11 national standards was led by TC260. The WG3 of TC 260 also deals with cryptography technical standards and is now open for FIEs to join; among the 47 members, there is one German company.