The SESEC IV expert is representing the European Standardization System in China, that is why Dr Betty XU participates in several meetings to promote the European Standardization Model and to build bridges between different stakeholders in China and Europe.

On the page “Presentations” you may find SESEC’s contribution in different such events.



Additionally, the SESEC expert issues a bimonthly newsletter where relevant and timely updates from China in relation to the SESEC project priorities are provided. The published newsletters can be found under the “SESEC newsletter” page.

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One of the SESEC project deliverable consist in Special Reports on important topics identified based on the SESEC project priorities sectors as well as on the latest market developments in China. These reports are published once there are some important developments or when the European stakeholders have identified an area that need a more in-depth research and could come in their support. These reports can be found under “SESEC Reports” page.


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Finally, as in the SESEC project deliverables you might have came across to different organizations with whom Dr Betty XU interacts, please check the “Useful links” page to see who are the main stakeholders.