To help users further understand the Chinese standards system of cybersecurity, in May of 2020, the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (TC260) published the Guide to the Application of National Standards for Cybersecurity (2019 Edition).

The Guide introduces the system of Chinese national standards for cybersecurity and includes detailed information on the 268 Chinese national standards for cybersecurity. The outline of the Guide is as follows:

Chapter 1 The Chinese Standards System of Cybersecurity

1.1 Guiding principles of cybersecurity standardization

1.2 SDOs in cybersecurity

1.3 Working results of cybersecurity standardization

Chapter 2 Standards for Cryptography

2.1 Summary

2.2 Standards for basic content

2.3 Standards for basic infrastructures

2.4 Standards for products

2.4 Standards for supporting the application of cybersecurity

2.5 Standards for testing

Chapter 3 Standards for Identification and Authorization

3.1 Summary

3.2 Standards for authorization

3.3 Standards for identification

3.4 Standards for certification and verification

3.5 Standards for indicators

3.6 Standards for application integration and identity management

Chapter 4 Standards for Information Security Assessment

4.1 Summary

4.2 Standards for systems

4.3 Standards for products

4.4 Standards for services

Chapter 5 Standards for Communication Security

5.1 Summary

5.2 Standards for basic technology

5.3 Standards for basic networks

5.4 Standards for service networks and applications

5.5 Standards for terminal security

5.6 Standards for security management

Chapter 6 Standards for Information Security Management

6.1 Summary

6.2 Standards for information security management systems

6.3 Standards for management supporting technology

6.4 Standards for government regulations

Chapter 7 Standards for Cloud Computing Security and Big Data Security

7.1 Summary

7.2 Standards for cloud computing security

7.3 Standards for personal data protection

7.4 Standards for big data security


Annex A: Index of the 268 Chinese national standards for cybersecurity

Annex B: Introduction of three whitepapers on Chinese cybersecurity standardization


For the Chinese version of the news, please see: https://www.tc260.org.cn/front/postDetail.html?id=20200514164219


By Luna ZHAO on May 28, 2020.