China issues New Rules for Green Product Certification Institutions and Green Products


On March 26, the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) issued a notice on the qualifications for green product certification institutions and the first batch of the implementation rules for green products.

According to the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Developing a Unified Standard, Certification and Identification System of Green Products, Announcement of SAMR on the Release of the List of Green Product Evaluation Standards and Certification Catalogue (the First Batch) and the Notice of the General Office of SAMR, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and MIIT on the Issuance of the Implementation Plan for Green Building Material Certification, certification institutions that apply for certification of green products must be established in accordance with the law, meet the basic requirements stipulated in the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Certification and Accreditation and the Measures for the Administration of Certification Institutions, and have the technical capabilities to conduct the certification of green products.

The CNCA also released certification implementation rules for 12 kinds of products, namely wood-based panels and wooden flooring, coating, sanitary wares, building glass, solar water heating systems, furniture, thermal insulation, waterproof materials and sealants, ceramic tiles and boards, textile products, wood-plastic composites products, and paper and paper products. Certification institutions that meet the qualifications mentioned above may apply to the CNCA in accordance with the Catalogue of Green Product Certification (the First Batch) (List of Green Product Evaluation Standards and Certification Catalogue released by SAMR on April 12, 2018) to carry out certification work after approval. Specific green product certification work should be carried out according to the relevant certification implementation rules.

The Chinese version of the certification implementation rules is available on the official website of the CNCA: Certification Implementation Rules for Green Products (the First Batch).


By Haley WU on April 29,2020.