TC260 published 17 draft national standards for public comments

On 26th December, TC260 (National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee) published draft national standard “cyber security: guide on health care information security” for public comments. The feedback shall be emailed to before the 26th of December, 2018. Meanwhile the feedback deadline for the other 16 national standards listed below is 11th February, 2019.

  • “Information Security Technology- Entity Authentication Assurance Framework ”
  • “Information Security Technology- Certificate Request and Application Protocol Based on Multiple Channels”
  • “Information Security Technology- XML Digital Signature Syntax and Processing Specification ”
  • “Information Technology- Security Techniques- Message Authentication Codes (MACs)- Part 1 Mechanisms using a block cipher”
  • “Information Security Technology- Light Weight Authentication and Access Control Mechanism”
  • “Information Security Technology- Security Protection Technical Requirements and Testing and Assessment Approaches for Industrial Control Systems”
  • “Information Security Technology- Security Techniques Requirement and Evaluation Criteria for Server”
  • “Information Techniques- System Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model”
  • “Information Security Technology-Cybersecurity Vulnerability Identification and Description Specification”
  • “Information Security Technology- Guidelines for the Category and Classification of Cybersecurity Vulnerability”
  • “Information Security Techniques-Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Specification”
  • “Information Security Techniques- Terminology”
  • “Information Technology- Security Techniques- Information Security Incident Management- Part 2: Guidelines to plan and prepare for incident response”
  • “Information Technology- Security Techniques- Guidelines for Information Security Management Systems Auditing”
  • “Information Security Technology- Guide for Health Information Security ”
  • “Information Security Technology- Requirements for Data Security Technology of the Government Information Sharing”