On 16 July 2021, Dr. Betty Xu, director of the Seconded European Standardization Expert in China (SESEC) project, was invited by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA) to give a lecture during its first edition of the Lecture Hall on Quality Certification. Dr. Xu provided a comprehensive training on the European conformity assessment system to nearly a hundred experts and scholars actively involved in the certification and accreditation field.

Specifically, Dr. Xu firstly introduced the European standardization system and its latest development. She then elaborated on the legal framework of the European standardization and conformity assessment system, i.e., the New Legislative Framework (NLF). After that, she explained in detail the three core regulations under the NLF: (i) Regulation (EC) 765/2008; (ii) Decision (EC) 768/2008; and (iii) Regulation (EU) 2019/1020. The main content covered includes the principles of European conformity assessment, relevant bodies, procedures, assessment modules and modes, as well as practical examples of application and implementation.

The training lasted nearly three hours and provided to the participants a complete and clear understanding of the European standardization and conformity assessment system, which was highly appreciated. Participants of the training included experts and leaders from the Department of Certification Supervision and Regulation of SAMR, including Director-General LIU Weijun, Deputy Director-Generals BO Yumin and LI Chunjiang, Second-level Inspectors HE Xiaoqun and GE Hongmei.

SESEC has long been committed to promoting mutual understanding between Europe and China in the field of standardization and conformity assessment, building a solid bridge for communication and exchanges. In the future, SESEC will continue to contribute to EU-China standardization and conformity assessment cooperation.