On 16 March 2021, MIIT published the Key Points of Standardardisation on Industry and Information Technology in 2021. The document aims to guide MIIT’s standardization work in 2021. The key takeaways are summarized as follows:

  1. Accelerating the development of mandatory national standards in various fields, such as safety of key consumer products, restriction of hazardous substances, unit product energy consumption quota and product efficiency, automobile safety, civil explosive, cement, graphite and fluorite mining, radio frequency technique for wireless charging devices, etc.
  2. Developing the Guidelines on the Establishment of the National Standards System for Industry and Information Technology – which should focus on product safety, ecological and environmental safety, network and data security, as well as safety production in ships, planes, civil explosive, and communications industries.
  3. Revising the guidelines and roadmaps for developing standards systems in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, industrial energy saving and green development, electric vehicles, internet of vehicles (intelligent connected vehicles), intelligent home, cloud computing, lithium-ion battery, and photovoltaics.
  4. Launching the development of guidelines for the establishment of standards systems for the integration of intelligent manufacturing in the sectors of steel, petrochemicals, nonferrous metal, building materials, textiles, automobile, and electric equipment.
  5. Promoting the guidelines for the establishment of standards systems in intelligent ship, IoT basics and security, 5G + industrial internet, 5G + medical treatment and health, industrial internet + production safety, and blockchain.
  6. Improving the alignment of MIIT standards with international standards, comparing MIIT standards and corresponding international standards, and improving the adoption rate of relevant international standards in MIIT system to up to 90%.
  7. Developing English versions of MIIT’s sectoral standards and mandatory national standards, thus providing support to the Belt and Road Initiative and promoting to the internationalization of China’s technologies, products, engineering, and services.
  8. Promoting full text disclosure of MIIT’s sectoral standards.
  9. Facilitating the adoption of national, sectoral, and advanced association standards in industrial policies and planning development.
  10. Reviewing ongoing standardization projects, adjusting or cancelling those that fail to be finished within scheduled timeframe.
  11. Ensuring the equal participation of foreign-invested enterprises and SMEs in sectoral standardization work.
  12. Accelerating the completion of the Measures for the Administration of Professional Standardization Technical Committees of MIIT.
  13. Strengthening supervision on sectoral TCs/SCs/WGs and standardization associations, urging them to timely disclose relevant information throughout the development process of sector standards.


ClickAnnex 1-MIIT Priorities for Standardization Work in 2021for the English translation of the document.