On 23 April, CNIS held the Press Conference of the “Belt and Road” Co-constructed National Standard Information Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Infor Platform”) and the Standardization CN-EN Bilingual Intelligent Translation Cloud Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Translation Platform”).

The Info Platform classified and translated standard information of the “Belt and Road” countries, integrated the standard bibliographic information data of 35 countries and 5 international organizations (ISO, IEC, ITU, etc.), and provides accurate information retrieval service for users. Furthermore, visualized methods were applied in the platform for users to conduct standard data analysis and standardization news column were set up to track the development of standardization in the “Belt and Road” countries.

The Translation Platform is an important outcome of the national key R&D project of “NQI Common Technology Research and Application”. The platform established a standardization corpus with 4.2 million Chinese characters and 2.2 million English words. It can provide standard text and documents in multiple formats, their translation between Chinese and English,and the translated text will retain its original typesetting format.