On 23 June, SAC released the “Action Plan for the Construction and Development of National Technical Standard Innovation Base (Smart Grid) (2019-2021)”.

The Action plan put forwards major tasks for the innovation base in the following 3 years. In 2019, the innovation base shall design technical standard systems for 3~5 key smart grid areas, chart the smart grid standardization roadmap, call for pilot standardization projects in areas such as high-end intelligent equipment, ubiquitous power IoT, energy internet, etc. In 2020, the innovation base shall publish its standard development plan, technical outcome transformation and application plan, the energy internet standard system framework, and the selected pilot standardization projects. In 2021, those standards developed shall take effects on facilitating smart grid construction, industry distribution, and value chain extension, furthermore, the innovation base shall accumulatively undertake 100+ international standard projects.

By now, SAC has approved 32 national technical standard innovation bases to facilitate the transformation of technical outcomes to standards. These innovation bases cover multiple fields including advanced manufacturing, energy, consumer goods, etc. The National Technical Standard Innovation Base (Smart Grid) was established by the China Electricity Council in 2018 and led by the State Grid. Its 29 members come from enterprises, test and certification bodies, research institutes, colleges, etc.