It is learned on January 10, 2018 that Standardization Administration of China (SAC) is carrying out the standardization strategy research, formulating the guideline to promote standardization strategy, i.e. “Chinese Standards 2035”, and will focus on the implementation of “One Strategy, Two Actions and Three Projects” in conjunction with the high-end national think tanks such as Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). “One Strategy” is to speed up the formulation and implementation of the standardization strategy, and SAC is carrying out the standardization strategy research and formulating the guideline to promote standardization strategy, “Chinese Standards 2035” in conjunction with the high-end national think tanks such as CAE. “Two Actions” are Benchmarking Achievement Action and Standardization+ Action while “Three Projects” refer to Standards Upgrade Project, New Industry & New Growth Driver Standards Pilot Project and Domestic & Foreign Standards Mutual Recognition Project.

The initiation meeting of the important advisory project of “Chinese Standards 2035”, implemented by CAE who is entrusted by AQSIQ and SAC, was held in CAE on March 1. Before the meeting, AQSIQ Minister Zhi Shuping met with CAE President Zhou Ji and Party Secretary Li Xiaohong as well as some academicians and experts. AQSIQ Vice Minister Qin Yizhi and SAC Vice-Administrator Yu Xinli attended the meeting.

Zhi Shuping points out that AQSIQ and SAC proposed “Chinese Standards 2035” Project, a forward-looking and strategic research program based on the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC. The project is inseparable from the cooperative support of authority organizations. CAE is the highest honorable and consultative academic institution in the field of engineering science and technology in China. In addition, both parties have good foundation of cooperation and have achieved a series of cooperation outcomes, so CAE is entrusted to be in charge of the research of the project. Hope both parties can give full play to their advantages and specialty and work together to complete the significant strategic project.

The initiation meeting is chaired by Zhao Xiangeng, leader of the project group and CAE Vice President. Deputy leader of the project group and SAC Vice-Administrator Yu Xinli, CAE Academician Wu Hequan and Gan Yong, former president of Nankai University Gong Ke and Director of Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Academy of Systems Science and Engineering Wang Kunsheng, reported the implementation programs on behalf of the project and related subjects respectively.

It is understood that the “Chinese Standards 2035” Project consists of four subjects, i.e. the comprehensive subject, the position and goal of standardization strategy, and the other three subjects, namely the Chinese standardization system, method and evaluation, strategy of standardization system supporting high-quality development and standardization strategy of civil-military harmonized development. By the end of January, 2020, the conclusion material will be generated and an overall research report is expected to be completed as the result of the “Chinese Standards 2035” Project to provide suggestions to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council about implementing the standardization strategy.