Dear SESEC Parterners and stakeholders,

Please note that NIFDC published six call for comments on the following subjects, and deadline is 31 March.

1 cosmetics acrylamide testing method (draft), revised description and explanation

2 cosmetic formaldehyde testing method (draft), revised description and explanation

3 cosmetics iodopropynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC) testing method (draft), drafting notes and explanation

4 Cosmetic SPF measuring method (draft) and drafting explanation

5 Cosmetics Classification Standard (draft) and drafting explanation

6 Cosmetic efficacy claim verification guidelines (draft) and drafting explanation

If you wish to comment on it through the European Chamber, please submit your contributions to Ms. Carmen An at before 5pm 28 Mar. 2016, using the template provided by NIFDC.