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SESEC IV Webinar 14: China Standards 2035 & China National Standardization Strategy

Date: 06/12/2020
Time: 10:00 am  to  11:00 am
Location: Online event

Dr. Betty XU will introduce the China Standards 2035 and some key national standardization strategies of China.


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SESEC IV Webinar 15: China Standardization Work Plan of 2020

Date: 06/25/2020
Time: 10:00 am  to  11:00 am
Location: Online event

In March 2020, SAC issued the Main Points of National Standardisation Work for China in 2020. From the top-design of the standardisation strategy to the detailed contents of standards development and management, the document introduced all the key tasks of the 2020 standardization work for China. Dr. Betty XU will give an introduction of the China Standardization Work Plan of 2020.


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SESEC Upcoming Webinars


SESEC IV Webinar 12:Chinese Standards Update — Two Years After China’s Standardization Reform

Date: 05/12/2020
Time: 10:00 am  to  11:00 am CET
Location: Online event

SESEC team has always been following up the standardization reform in China, collecting and sorting out the data of Chinese standards and observing their latest development. It has been two years after China launched the standardization reform, Dr. Betty XU will give an introduction of the current Chinese standard situation.

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SESEC IV Webinar 13: What Happened to China’s Enterprise Standards “Top Runners” Project in 2019?

Date: 05/21/2020
Time: 10:00 am  to  11:00 am, CET
Location: Online event

With only 11 kinds of products and services in the priority fields, 2018 served as a trial year for the enterprise standards “Top Runners” project, while 2019 witnessed the rapid development of the whole system and the number of products and services in the priority fields rapidly increased to 100. On this Webinar, SESEC team will give an introduction to the Chinese enterprises standards and the enterprise standards “Top Runners” project.

Please register for What Happened to China’s Enterprise Standards “Top Runners” Project in 2019 on May 21, 2020 10:00 AM CET at:

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SAMR and SAC published 20 important national standards


On March 13, 2020, SAMR and SAC published 20 important national standards mainly on health protection and disaster management, which are closely related to epidemic prevention and control products, such as disinfectants, isolation gowns and emergency supplies. These standards also involve many areas related to people’s livelihood.

No. Area Standard Code Standard Name Content
1 Health Protection GB/T 38496-2020 Toxicological procedures and methods of safety evaluation for disinfectants The safety, stability, metal corrosiveness and disinfection effect of disinfectant products, and the production conditions of disinfectant manufacturers.
2 GB/T 38497-2020 Evaluation method of endoscopic disinfection effects
3 GB/T 38498-2020 Evaluation method for determining metal corrosion of disinfectants
4 GB/T 38499-2020 Evaluation method for stability of disinfectants
5 GB/T 38502-2020 Test method for bactericidal effect of disinfectant in laboratories
6 GB/T 38503-2020 Good manufacturing practice for disinfectants
7 GB/T 38504-2020 Evaluation method of disinfection effect of spray disinfectants
8 GB/T 38462-2020 Textiles-Nonwoven fabrics for isolation gowns The examination of the main raw materials that determine the protective performance of isolation gowns.
9 Disaster Management GB/T 38565-2020 Classification and code of emergency supplies Detailed specifications of coding principles and methods for emergency supplies.
10 Ecological Environment GB/T 38549-2020 Specifications for management and maintenance of rural (village) rivers Guidance of standardized management of rural rivers in view of the phenomenon that there are more blind areas and the effect is not obvious in the rural river canal protection.
11 GB/T 38582-2020 Specifications for assessment of forest ecosystem services The unification of the indicator system and method of forest ecosystem service assessment.
12 Transport GB/T 38528-2020 Evaluating impact resistance for passenger car tires The impact resistance evaluation of different series of tires.
13 GB/T 38529-2020 Requirements of concentration limits for restricted substances in tires Restricted substances, and raw materials that should not be used in rubber tires.
14 Management Systems GB/T 45001-2020 Occupational health and safety management systems—Requirements with guidance for use The advanced and systematic scientific management technology and methods.
15 Social Services GB/T 38550-2020 Specifications for operation service of urban utility tunnels The content and quality requirements of operation services, with the integration of intelligent technology applications such as cloud computing and big data analysis.
16 GB/T 38547-2020 Tourism and vacation rental apartments—Basic requirements Standardized and scientific management level of the tourism and vacation apartment rental industry.
17 Shipping Industry GB/T 38520-2020 Marine cryogenic breakaway coupling Basis and guidance for product type approval.
18 Furniture GB/T 38466-2020 General technical requirements for rattan furniture Terms and definitions, product classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marks, instructions, packaging, transportation, storage of the product.
19 GB/T 38467-2020 Technical specifications of modified wood for furniture
20 Gas-burning Appliances GB/T 38522-2020 Outdoor gas-burning appliances

These standards can guide the healthy and orderly development of their respective industries.

  • Standards on health protection and disaster management ensure the effective handling of public health emergencies, ensure safety, and form a comprehensive emergency plan system in disaster response through standardization.
  • Standards on ecological environment improve the system of standards for agriculture and rural areas, improve the rural ecological environment, and provide quantitative support for China’s sustainable development and ecological environment.
  • Standards on transport, shipping industry, furniture, and gas-burning appliances provide technical basis for manufacturing, research and development, and promote product quality and technical development.
  • Standards on management systems and social services improve the occupational health and safety management level of organizations, reduce cities’ operational costs, and guide the healthy development of industries.

SESEC IV Launches Webinar on the CCC Reform in China


On January 17, SESEC held a webinar for “What has changed for China’s CCC during the last 18 months” in its Beijing office. Dr. Betty XU, director of the SESEC project, introduced the development of China’s CCC reform within the past 18 months, summarized the major changes, and analyzed the impacts these changes would bring about to overseas stakeholders. Around 180 overseas stakeholders registered for the webinar, of which 81% were from the EU. Among the EU registrants, 77% were from industry and 11% from SDOs.

The SESEC project has always been devoted to facilitating European standardization stakeholders’ understanding of China’s distinct systems. CCC is a basic market access system for products related to health, safety and environmental protection. In the past two years, the system has gone through a substantial reform, which has had remarkable impacts on business. SESEC organized the webinar on China’s CCC to help European stakeholders gain a comprehensive view on this reform. In the future, SESEC will keep selecting standardization hot topics and organize webinars to introduce and analyze them for European stakeholders. We are also looking forward to your kind suggestions to help improve our webinars.

SESEC Analysis on V2X Communication Standardization in China


There are currently two technologies for Internet of Vehicles (IoV) communication: LTE-V2X and DSRC. China has adopted the LTE-V2X technology in its IoV standard system and a number of local SDOs and associations are developing relevant standards. SESEC summarized and analyzed the standardization work and drafted a short report on it, which can be found at the link below.


SESEC Webinars Available on Our Website


We are happy to inform our readers that the recordings and presentations of our webinars are now available on our website!

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The SESEC project has always been devoted to facilitating mutual understanding on the standardization systems in Europe and China for our stakeholders. In the future, SESEC will continually pick out hot topics and invite corresponding experts to introduce or analyze them.