SAC/TC28 Establishes SC42 on Artificial Intelligence


In April 2020, China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee (TC28) established a new technical sub-committee on artificial intelligence (SAC/TC28/SC42). The secretariat of the new TC28/SC42 is held by China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI). The new SC42 will be the mirroring TC of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC42.

SAC/TC28/SC42 is mainly responsible for the development and revision of China’s national standards in the field of artificial intelligence such as basic content, technology, risk management, trustworthiness, governance, products and applications.

Before the establishment of SAC/TC28/SC42, most of the standardization work in the artificial intelligence field was already taken by TC28 under the joint leadership of SAC and MIIT. For example, the standardization work of human-computer interaction is carried out by the Voice Interaction, Somatosensory Interaction, and Brain-Computer Interaction Working Groups which are set up under the User Interface Technical Sub-Committee of TC28; the biometrics standardization work is undertaken by the Biometrics Technical Sub-Committee of TC28. The other working groups of TC28 also support the artificial intelligence standardization work, like the Big Data WG, the Cloud Computing WG, and the Internet of Things WG, etc. After the establishment of TC28/SC42, there might be a new division of the standardization work for artificial intelligence between different technical sub-committees and working groups of TC28. We will update related information then.

Together with the establishment of TC28/SC42, CESI also published a list of four artificial intelligence standards which are under development by TC28/SC42, as listed below.

  • 20190851-T-569 Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence – Terminology
  • 20192137-T-469 Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence Knowledge – Graph Technology Framework
  • 20192138-T-469 Artificial Intelligence – Neural Network Representation and Model Compression – Part 1: Convolutional Neural Networks
  • 20192139-T-469 Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence – Platform Resource Provision



By Luna ZHAO on April 27,2020.