Main Points of National Standardisation Work for China in 2020


In March 2020, SAC issued the Main Points of National Standardisation Work for China in 2020. From the top-design of the standardisation strategy to the detailed contents of standards development and management, the document introduced all the key tasks of the 2020 standardization work for China.

In 2020, China will continue participating in the international standardisation work, actively fulfill its responsibilities as a permanent member of ISO and IEC, and provide service support for the IEC chairman to perform his duties. Besides, China will propose Chinese solutions in the improvement of governance capabilities of international standardisation organizations.

For the horizontal fields, China will participate in the discussions and decision-makings of international standardisation organisations in the fields of sustainable development, standardisation participation of developing countries, regional balance, and technical rulemaking.

In terms of promoting development and consultation of international standards, the key sectors of the 2020 international cooperation of China will focus on new energy, new materials, quantum computing, digital twins, intelligent manufacturing, industrial construction and engineering construction. China will accelerate the conversion of its advantageous technical standards into international standards, and at the same time promote the release of Chinese versions of ISO and IEC standards.

For more information about the Main Points of National Standardisation Work for China in 2020, please see the English version of the document which was translated by the SESEC project. This document is translated as a supporting material. No warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, correctness, or reliability. Only the original official version should prevail as a source of reference.

The outline of the Main Points is presented below.