China Published New English Versions of Railway Sector Standards


On March 11, 2020, the National Railway Administration released six English versions of railway sector standards:

No. English Name of the Sector Standard Standard Code
1 EMC/DMC Vocabulary-Part 1: Basic Vocabulary TB/T 3453.1-2016
2 EMC/DMC Vocabulary-Part 2: Test TB/T 3453.2-2016
3 EMC/DMC Vocabulary-Part 3: Parts and System TB/T 3453.3-2016
4 Types and Basic Dimensions of Wheelset and Bearing for Railway Vehicle TB/T 1010-2016
5 Rails Part 3: Specification for Compromise Rails TB/T 2344.3-2018
6 33kg/m Channel for Guardrails TB/T 3110-2018
  • The 3 standards on EMC/DMC vocabulary are significant standards that stipulate the basic vocabulary of EMC/DMC, the vocabulary used in testing; and the terms, English expressions and definitions of the vocabulary used in each part and system, which all play an important role in unifying the words used in EMC/DMC design, manufacturing, application and maintenance.
  • Types and Basic Dimensions of Wheelset and Bearing for Railway Vehicle integrates the design parameters and manufacturing technical requirements of domestic and imported products of railway passenger cars and freight cars.
  • Rails Part 3: Specification for Compromise Rails not only meets the actual needs of the development of high-speed and heavy-haul railways in China, but it is also in line with the international advanced railway standards.
  • 33kg/m Channel for Guardrails provides technical support for the design, manufacturing, product inspection and quality supervision of the steel channel.

The six English versions of the railway standards have been officially published by China Railway Publishing House, which plays an important role in the translation work of the China railway technical standards system. The release of the six standards is of great significance for promoting the internationalization of China railway standards, the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative” service and the “going global” of China railway.