05/06/2018 “General Principles of Green Factory Assessment” (GBT36132-2018) is officially published

In order to promote China’s development of being a big manufacturer to a strong manufacturer, implement green manufacturing projects and conduct green manufacturing system, GBT36132-2018 General Principles of Green Factory Assessment is formally published. The standard was proposed by the Department of Energy Conservation & Comprehensive Utilization of MIIT and jointly formulated by China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), together with related industrial associations of iron & steel, petrochemical, building materials, machinery, and vehicle.

The standard clarifies basic terms and definitions, establishes systematic evaluation specification system and identifies general requirements of green factory assessment in accordance to the principles of plant intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste recycling and low-carbonization. The release of the standard will help guide companies to establish green factory, promote industries to green transformation and update and achieve green development.


Original Information :http://www.miit.gov.cn/newweb/n1146290/n1146402/n1146440/c6178229/content.html