SESEC Webinar on IoT Standardization in Europe and China

Supported by government policies, China has seen rapid development in IoT over the recent years. Being home to more than 730 million M2M connections, which accounts for 30% of global M2M connections, China maintained its globally leading position in IoT market. With a year-on-year growth rate at 46%, M2M connections in China keeps increasing, and it is expected to reach 350 million RMB, accounting for 36% of global connection, in 2020.


Focusing on the IoT standardization landscape of China, the next SESEC webinar will give general overview of the regulatory environment and their influence on IoT standardization, as well as the mapping of key players and the key standards under development with regards to IoT standardization in China.  European approach and practices in IoT standardization would also be addressed at the webinar. Interested parties are welcome to participate!

Date: 11 April Time: 10:00-11:30 am

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