National Conference on Big Data Standardization

On 9 March 2023, the 2023 National Conference on Big Data Standardization and the Ninth Plenary Session of the National Information Technology Standardization Committee (SAC/TC28) on Big Data Standards Working Group was held in Guangzhou. The meeting was attended by officers from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration for Market Regulation, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, as well as leaders of the big data working group, and experts from academia, standardization institutes and provincial administrations.

The meeting recognized the contributions of the working group to the development of 32 national standards in 2022, and reiterated the importance of standards in supporting industrial development, government regulations and China’s basic data system. On this special occasion, several reports and documents were released, including the White Paper on Big Data Standardization (2023 version), the Research Report on Big Data Core Product Benchmark (2023 version), the White Paper on Big Data Standardization in the Mining Industry (2023 version), the Case Collection on Big Data Standardization Application (2023 version), the Southern Power Grid Company Power Data Application Practice White Paper on Data by China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd., etc. In addition, this meeting awarded nearly 100 ecological partners of big data standardization and more than 10 outstanding cases of big data core products.

China Convenes Green Production and Consumption Communication Conference

On 30 March 2023, the Green Production and Consumption Communication Conference was convened in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. The conference provides a platform for exchange and sharing of relevant policies, technology, standards, experience, and use cases. It was attended by representatives from relevant governmental departments, scientific research institutes, academia, associations, industry and media houses.

As a response to the requirement set in National Standardization Development Outline and the Outline for Building a Quality Country, the discussions and presentations of the participants focused on high-quality development and standardization in support of green and low-carbon transition; “dual carbon” and “front-runner” projects were also covered. During the conference, the outcomes of past standardization work were presented, while the priorities for future activities remarked in terms of standardization of energy product, green and low-carbon technology, accounting of carbon emission. In addition, the conference also included:

  • thematic presentations by experts
  • disclosure of “front-runner” projects implementation and the name list
  • launch of the platform of data asset of green products
  • signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between China National Institute of Standardization and SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., (See as follows: picture sourced from the China Standards)

Plenary Meeting of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization General Group and Expert Advisor Group

On 7 April 2023, the Plenary Meeting of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization General Group and Expert Advisor Group were held in Beijing. Mr. Xin Guobin, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, during which he remarked the important role that the General Group and the Expert Advisory Group have in coordination and strategic advisory, facilitation of intelligent manufacturing standard development, pilot trials, implementation, and promotion, as well as contribution to international standards. The meeting recognized the supporting and leading role of intelligent manufacturing standards.

At present, China has developed 38 international standards and 369 national standards in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Among these, GB/T 41255-2022 Smart factory—General technical requirements, and GB/T 39117-2020 Maturity assessment method of intelligent manufacturing capability are the most widely applied in practice.

TC114/SC11: Meeting on Standard Review

On 13-14 April 2023, the Subcommittee of Brake under the National Road Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee (TC114/SC11) convened the standard review meeting in Wuhan, Hubei. A total of 46 members of the subcommittee, honorary members, members of standard drafting group and representatives of other relevant organizations attended the meeting. The three following standards passed the subcommittee’s review:

  • 20201798-T-339 Testing methods of hydraulic braking systems for Motor vehicles
  • 20213584-T-339 Road vehicles — Braking threshold pressures for heavy commercial vehicle combinations with fully pneumatic braking systems — Test with roller brake tester
  • 20213583-T-339 Road vehicles — Test of braking systems on vehicles with a maximum authorized total mass of over 3,t using a roller brake tester —Part 2 Air over hydraulic and purely hydraulic braking