Electronic cigarettes become more and more popular due to its convenience and faint smell of smoke. Initially, electronic cigarettes serve as a substitute for cigarette, as they are believed to reduce passive smoking. However, with dazzling flavors, electronic cigarettes turn out to lure non- smokers, especially young people or even teenagers, to start smoking. To regulate this product, the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) officially published the mandatory national standard for electronic cigarette on April 8.

GB 41700-2022, Electronic cigarette, defines a white list of 101 additives, which is thoroughly assessed and confirmed by experiments. The standard redefines a electronic cigarette as a electronic conveyor system that generates aerosol for smoking. In this case, those nicotine-free electronic cigarettes must obey the requirements of GB 41700-2022. The standard stipulates that selling nicotine-free electronic cigarettes is prohibited on the market and only tobacco flavor is permitted to be sold, which is aimed at protecting juveniles from being attracted by sweet-flavored and nicotine-free electronic cigarettes.

Furthermore, GB 41700-2022 stipulates several security requirements on electronic cigarettes, including childproof and leakage- proof design of both cartridges and cigarette sets, and explosion proof in case of falling. Cartridges and cigarette sets should be sealed to avoid refilling. Also, if electronic cigarettes fall off, fire or explosion should not be  allowed.

The standard will officially take effect on October 1, giving producers time to adjust their products.


Source: China Standardization Magazine, 3rd Issue, 2022