The Forum on Enhancing International Standardization Capabilities in the Information Technology (IT) Field was held in hybrid form on July 16 in Beijing.

Hosted by SAC/TC 28, Information technology, the forum was attended by Guo Chenguang, Deputy Director-General of Standards Innovative Management Department of SAMR, Yang Jianjun, Vice Chair of SAC/TC 28 and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) and Sun Wenlong, Secretary of SAC/TC 28 and Vice President of CESI.

To press ahead with the Action Plan of Implementing the National Standardization Development  Outline, SAC has carried out lots of work in the IT field in terms of international standardization top-level design, international standardization governance, technical support for trade facilitation, and training of international standardization talents, according to Guo Chenguang.

To meet the requirements of the Action Plan, more efforts should be put into the development and application of technical standards for key products, processes and areas, which will play a crucial role in leading the high-quality development, Guo stressed.

SAC/TC 28 will implement relevant national policies in three facets: First, promote standards innovation in fields of emerging technologies, and create a platform for providing guidance, support and services. Second, conduct research on the strategies, policies, principles of international standardization and advanced technology to make breakthrough in emerging fields. Third, deepen multilateral cooperation to meet industrial demands, said Yang Jianjun.

The meeting attracted some 100 par ticipants from standardization organizations, institutes, universities, enterprises, industry organizations. Experts shared their opinions on the progress of international standardization in smart cities, brain-computer interface, unmanned aerial vehicle and data sharing.

Source: China Standardization Magazine, 5th issue, 2022.