On 7 April 2021, MIIT released its Plan for Regulation Development in 2021. It shows that the ministry aims to complete and publish nine regulations in 2021, namely,

  • administrative measures for professional standardization technical committees of MIIT,
  • implementation measures for licensing the sale of civil explosive,
  • several rules on manufacturing civil UAV,
  • rules on the procedures for administrative penalty in communication sector,
  • administrative rules on SMS and voice call services,
  • administrative measures for radio system in railway,
  • administrative measures for satellite radio frequency and space radio station
  • administrative rules on terrestrial radio station,
  • administrative rules on radio emission devices.

Moreover, MIIT is also planning to accelerate a number of undergoing regulatory development projects, specifically:

  • administrative rules on radio frequency and ground station of satellite communication network,
  • administrative measures for comprehensive utilization of industrial resources,
  • administrative measures for recycling of power storage battery of new energy vehicle,
  • administrative measures for monitoring and supervision of energy saving in industries,
  • administrative measures for electronic certification service,
  • several rules on regulating internet information service market,
  • administrative measures for security of communication network,
  • administrative measures for amateur radio station.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zFAGxUBl8t4fiQaZ8Ab2Dw