IP network slicing is an important part of end2end network slicing. It provides slicing capability for multi-service bearing businesses, such as 5G mobile service, cloud network integration, SD-WAN, private line service, etc. It applies to scenarios such as metro area network, backbone network, and DCI, and at the same time can accommodate the customized demands of users.

At present, China is promoting IP networking slicing standardization and deploying IP networking slicing-based equipment. Specifically, CCSA/TC3 (Network and Service Capability) is developing a cluster of sector standards for IP networking slicing, including: overall architecture for IP networking slicing, technical requirements for orchestration layer, technical requirements for router equipment supporting IP networking slicing function, technical requirements for IP networking slicing northbound interface, technical requirements for IP MPLS network slicing supporting flexible and optimal path algorithm, etc. These standards will contribute to the application of IP network slicing, and to the enhancement of IP network’s bearing capability for differentiated connection demands and quality-ensured flexible slicing.

On 27 January 2021, the core standard of the cluster, IP network slicing – overall architecture and technical requirements (draft for approval), went through the review of CCSA/TC3/WG1 (Network and AI Application), and will be submitted to MIIT for approval. Once approved, the standard will be the first standard in the world for IP network slicing overall architecture.

The sector standard stipulates the capability requirements for slicing-capable IP network, as well as the function requirements for end2end network orchestration layer, IP network controller, IP network slice forwarding equipment, IP network slicing process, etc. It provides strong technical guidance for deployment based on IP network slice.


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