On 6 May 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology  (MIIT) officially announced that the 5G+ Industrial Internet Ad Hoc Group was formally established.

Industrial Internet is the key support for the fourth industrial revolution. 5G is an important direction for the evolution and development of the new generation of information and communication technology. The integration and innovation of 5G and the industrial Internet is conducive to the grafting of China’s 5G technological advantages and industrial needs. The development of “5G+Industrial Internet” is now in a critical phase.

In order to promote the development of “5G+Industrial Internet”, to concentrate industrial forces to tackle the challenges in the early stages of development, and to accelerate the deep integration of 5G and industrial Internet, the resolution of reforming and transforming the previous “Industrial Wireless Ad Hoc Group” into “5G+ Industrial Internet Ad Hoc Group” has been made and approved by Industrial Internet Industry Alliance during its sixteenth plenary meeting.

The Ad Hoc group will build a bridge among ICT-related industries, enterprises, scientific research institutes and experts. It is committed to summarizing developing experience in all phases, exploring 5G technology and network solutions that meet the needs of industrial deployment and application, as well as exploring reproducible application model and sustainable business model, and organizing industry promotion activities such as test bed, application competition, case selection etc.

The Ad Hoc group will be established between May and July of 2021, and experts from all walks of life are invited to participate in and jointly propose suggestions for the development of 5G+Industrial Internet integration.