On 11 June 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening Industrial Safety Production Management. The aim is to further increase the level of industrial safety. The main tasks outlined by the document include:

  1. Improve the responsibility system for industrial safety production management, and strengthen the supervision and management of industries subject to safety production management responsibility, such as the civil explosives industry and civil aircraft and shipbuilding industry;
  2. Strengthen the guidance on industrial safety production;
  3. Continue to facilitate the relocation and transformation of enterprises producing hazardous chemicals in highly-populated urban areas;
  4. Promote the development as well as supervision and management of safety (emergency) industry, civil explosion industry, civil aircraft and civil shipbuilding industry.

The document stresses in multiple occasions that standards will be used as key instruments to guide industrial safety production. The measures proposed for this purpose include:

  • Strict implementation of mandatory comprehensive standards to force, in accordance with law and regulations, production capacity that fails to meet safety production standards out of the market;
  • Efforts to accelerate the development, revision and management of sector standards so that they can better support safety production.

In addition, the document also proposes to build sound standards systems for the smart manufacturing of civil explosives, and to improve the regulatory rules and standards systems for civil aircraft and shipbuilding. Standards are effectively seen as key means to advance safety technology in the civil explosives industry, as well as to enhance regulation over the safety of civil aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding.