On 27 September, SESEC hosted a webinar on Electrical Installation Rules for the electric apparatus installed in buildings in China. Nearly 70 participants registered for the webinar, during which many questions and concerns for Electrical Installation related standards were raised and addressed.

There is a very complicated standardization system, and even more complicated technical regulation and market access situation for low voltage apparatus in China. For Low voltage products that are covered in EU “Low Voltage Directive”, like low-voltage apparatus, electrical accessories, and electric tools, etc., very different certification schemes and standards exist in China. Not like Europe, China does not have a single “LVD” for these products. China Compulsory Certifications (CCC) are applicable for some catalogue of low voltage apparatus, some compulsory standards are applicable for others, and at the same time China Electrical Installation related standards are also “de-facto” compulsory for the electric apparatus installed in the buildings.

Therefore, this webinar focused on relevant standards related to Market Access Requirements for Low Voltage Apparatus and electrical installation standards in China. It helped the participants to clarify the certification schemes such as CCC, outlined a rough comparison of the compulsory standards and IEC or harmonized standards in Europe in such areas, and highlighted the applicable installation rules in China, which has not been quite understood for a long time.

Should you be interested in receiving the presentation delivered during the webinar and any supporting materials, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mandy Luo via email mandy.luo@sesec.eu.

The in-depth webinar was very welcomed by the participants. Building on the success, SESEC will host more webinars in the future to address sector-specific issues and topics.