In order to enhance the administration of industrial energy conservation, improve the system for the administration of industrial energy conservation, continuously increase energy utilization efficiency, advance green, low-carbon and cyclic development and promote the construction of ecological civilization, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is seeking public comments on the “Administrative Measures for Industrial Energy Conservation (Draft for Comment)” through March 25, 2016.

According to the Draft for Comment, industrial enterprises are bodies mainly responsible for industrial energy conservation, and shall strictly implement laws, regulations, rules and standards on energy conservation, accelerate technical progress on energy conservation, perfect the energy conservation management mechanism, increase energy utilization efficiency and accept the supervision and administration by the relevant departments for industry and information technology of the situation of energy conservation.

The Draft for Comment also puts forward that industrial enterprises shall set annual indicators for energy conservation that are measurable and assessable, improve the assessment, rewards and punishment systems concerning energy conservation targets, define target responsibilities of positions, and reinforce incentives and constraints.

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