Leadership of European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), including CEN President Mr. Friedrich Smaxwil, CENELEC President Mr. Tore Bloch Trondvold, Director-General of CEN and CENELEC Mrs. Elena Santiago Cid, etc., visited CNIS in Beijing on April 7, 2015. CNIS President Ma Lincong met the delegation and made in-depth communication on the China-EU cooperation on standardization.

At the meeting, Mrs. Elena Santiago Cid introduced the recent working progress of CEN and CENELEC, “Ambition 2020” for European standardization and their work schedules in the future. Dr. Betty Xu (Xu Bin), the expert of Seconded European Standardization Expert for China (SESEC), made the detailed introduction to the SESEC experts and SESEC project. President Ma Lincong also briefed on the standardization work of CNIS and the latest development of major research areas.

Also, the two-sides had a discussion on the potential cooperation fields including the information exchange mechanism, Eco-design on products, energy-efficiency, standardization theories and strategy, agriculture, foodstuff and participation in international standardization activities etc., reaching a consensus on further cooperation.

The meeting served as a good opportunity for CNIS to develop extensive cooperation with CEN and CENELEC, deepening the understanding of each other. Both sides will further fulfill the potential cooperating projects, continuing to maintain and deepen the cooperation and exchange.